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About Us

At Sternlight Financial, our dedicated team of award-winning advisors is unwaveringly committed to delivering transparency, peace of mind, and education to you. The foundation of Sternlight rests on a resolute dedication to a customer-centric approach. Feel confident in reaching out to us at any time, knowing that you’ll receive prompt and insightful answers.

In a world that’s constantly evolving, we understand the multitude of pressures pulling you in different directions. Our mission is to alleviate that stress by providing a steadfast support and advice system. What sets us apart is our personal investment in your success – our team and our families have entrusted their funds to the same investments and strategies. This isn’t just a commitment; it’s a promise to treat you with the same care and consideration that we extend to our own families. At Sternlight Financial, trust is not just earned; it’s embedded in every interaction and decision we make.

Reece Keys

Founder & Senior Financial Adviser

Ross Pocock

Founder & Senior Financial Adviser

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Highly recommended.”
Patricia Muller
Photography Professional
“Very helpful and knowledgeable.”
Michael Clark
“Great team of professionals.”
Kent Milestone
Graphic Designer